About us

Soaps & Beyond was started in 2015, when my daughter and myself, developed eczema and rosacea. Most body wash and beauty bars (Soaps) would leave our skin dry and itchy, we started using Tepezcohuite soap to control eczema flares, but the only soap with Tepezcohuite that I could find was made with tallow, fragrances and other additives. I then became interested in learning how to make my own soap, so I could control what was going in it. After I made the first batch of soap, I was hooked, what started as a hobby became a family business. My kids help with packaging and labeling products, my husband helps with deliveries, and I make all the products one small batch at a time. 

Soaps & Beyond’s mission, is to provide you with plant based products. Whether it be by adding essential oils, infusing the oils with herbs, or simply by adding petals or flowers that not only make our products look beautiful, but enhance the benefits of the results. All of our products are free of parabens. We believe in a cruelty free world, and will never test on animals. At Soaps & Beyond, we use eco-conscious packing materials and/or reuse the packaging from our vendors to help slow down waste for our beautiful planet.

We handcraft and carefully formulate all of our products in West Virginia, and we help our community by buying locally as much as possible. As a proud wife of a Disabled Air Force Veteran, we also try our best to donate to our local Veterans Agency whenever we get the chance.